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Psychogeometry: Hard Cover

SKU: 547500
1,505,000 đ

Psychogeometry: Soft Cover

SKU: 547600
1,029,000 đ

The 1946 London Lectures

SKU: 547700
923,000 đ

Education For Human Development

SKU: 531900
Mario M.Montessori, Jr.An sight into his grandmother's personality, her role as a feminist and her philosophy of education and child growth. 117pp, soft cover, 1997 edition.
764,405 đ

Maria Montessori: Her Life And Work

SKU: 539700
976,005 đ

Maria Montessori

SKU: 540600
Rita Kramer.This biography covers the personal life of Dr. Montessori and the intellectual and social climate of Italy during her formative years. 410 pp, soft cover, 1988 edition.
1,478,555 đ

Maria Montessori 100 Years: 1907 - 2007 Centenary Of The Montessori Movement

SKU: 549600
Includes photo and a history of the movement. 221pp, hard cover, 2007 edition.
2,086,905 đ