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How To Use Child-Size Masterpieces

SKU: 538100
1,161,155 đ

Child-Size Masterpieces: Easy (1)

SKU: 538150
1,214,055 đ

Child-Size Masterpieces: Advanced (3)

SKU: 538170
Child-Size Masterpieces A series of books made of card stock, presenting reproductions of the works of famous artists. The reproductions are to be cut-out from the book. Starting with matching exercises, the series progresses to labeling and grouping exercises. Backs of cards provide additional information on each painting and the artist. • 39 cards, 1987 edition.
1,161,155 đ

Child-Size Masterpieces: Transportation In America

SKU: 538192
49 cards, 1992 edition.
1,161,155 đ

Child-Size Masterpieces: Black Images

SKU: 538191
40 cards, 1991 edition.
1,214,055 đ

Child-Sized Masterpieces: Modern Schools Of Art

SKU: 538193
40 cards, 2006 edition.
1,214,055 đ