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Cutting And Scissor Tray

SKU: 040000
An all-inclusive set for cutting exercises in the classroom. Includes: a wooden tray and small box, a pair of scissors and several scissors exercise sheets. See 5.677.00 Scissors Exercises to order additional sheets.
1,235,480 đ

Glue And Paste Box

SKU: 040100
An all-inclusive set for gluing and pasting exercises in the classroom. Includes: a wooden box with six compartments, a glue/paste brush and a glass jar with lid. The lid of the box has a cutout hole that holds the jar upright to avoid spilling the contents.
902,210 đ

Set Of 11 Colored Pencil Holders

SKU: 730500
2,529,727 đ

Heutink Goldline: Lead Pencils (12)

SKU: E061065
Lead pencils with medium lead hardness. Sold in boxes of 12.
47,000 đ

Easel: 2 Boards

SKU: 187700
The 2 Board Easel is sturdy and adjustable in height. The design allows 2 children to work simultaneously - 1 on each side. The paper is attached using clamps, tape or other means (not included). For canvas use, we suggest resting the canvas on the tray. 55 x 142 x 59 cm. 
17,375,005 đ

Small Blackboard Eraser

SKU: 740500
69,035 đ

Blunt Scissors: 10 cm

SKU: 770100
74,000 đ

Natural Wood Pencil Holder

SKU: 731700
204,000 đ

Toddler Scissors: 9 cm

SKU: 770300
202,025 đ

Paste Or Glue Brush (20 cm): Per 12

SKU: E040094
41,000 đ