By Dr.Maria Montessori

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The Absorbent Mind

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The Child In The Family

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Giáo dục và hòa bình

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The Formation Of Man

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From Childhood To Adolescence

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This work follows the child from the age of 7 through adolescence. Dr. Montessori’s understanding of the adolescent’s need for independence in thought and action is remarkable. Her comments on the state of education and its implications for the world at large are very modern and more relevant today than ever before. • Clio: 100 pp, soft cover, 1999 edition.
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To Educate The Human Potential

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What You Should Know About Your Child

SKU: 546500
A valuable guide for parents, this book is based on the lectures delivered by Dr. Montessori. It simplifies her great educational principles, and brings them within easy reach of the lay person. • Clio: 99 pp, soft cover, 1998 edition.
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The Discovery Of The Child

SKU: 546100
First published in 1948, this book lucidly delineates the fundamental principles of the Montessori approach to education, which was based on a series of genuine discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori. The application of these principles, transcends boundaries of class, culture or creed, and is relevant to the whole of human development.• Ballantine: 339 pp, soft cover, 2002 edition.
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The Absorbent Mind

SKU: 548300
Dealing comprehensively with the construction of the human personality, and the nature of learning, this book propounds Dr. Montessori’s revolutionary ideas about education as an aid to life. In this book Dr. Montessori indicates the responsibility of adult humanity towards this fundamental period of man’s selfformation.• Kalakshetra: 308 pp, hard cover, 2002 edition.
711,505 đ

The Child In The Family

SKU: 549100
In this book Dr. Montessori examines the tensions inherent in the relationship between the adult and the child. She discusses the difficulties and contradictions of daily life within the frame work of which adults need to recognize and rectify their own defects in order to become worthy of the child. She stresses the importance of the child’s environment and the role it plays in the building of the child’s character. •• Kalakshetra: 126 pp, hard cover, 1991 edition.
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