Elementary School 6-9

Foster exploration of the expansive Montessori curriculum

After completing the Montessori Preschool Program, the child moves on to the Lower Elementary class. In the Pre-school class, the child has learned focus and concentration, and this has prepared him or her to fully engage in everything the Lower Elementary Program provides. The Lower Elementary Classroom is scientifically designed to sustain the independence the children have gained in the Pre-school Program, and to foster exploration of Montessori’s expansive curriculum.

New ways of using

The Lower Elementary Curriculum builds on the lessons learned in the Preschool Program. That is why you will find many of the Preschool materials in the Lower Elementary Classroom, where the children learn to use them in new ways. But also many new materials are introduced, which cause the child to experience variety, to discover new things and to understand more deeply the abstract concepts in math; language; and cultural studies that include biology, botany, zoology, geography, history, earth science, life sciences, physical sciences, and ecology.

Understanding the abstract concepts of

A great drive to collaborate

The classroom is filled with exuberant activity. Because children in the age of 6 to 9 become more socially aware, they develop the drive to do things together. They exchange ideas with each other, work on projects together, and pose big questions to each other. Knowing what things are and how to do things no longer satisfies these 6 to 9 year olds; they want to understand why, what for and how things come to be the way they are.