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Pin Flag Stand

SKU: 017400
Used to hold the pin flags while working with The Stars Exercise. Made of a self-healing material.
948,357 đ

Scissors Exercises

SKU: 567700
14 sequential exercises used for the development of scissors mastery. Narrow strips are for singlecut exercises and wide strips for multiple cuts. 14 different strips provide progressive levels of difficulty. Includes: micro-perforated pads for easy removal of individual cutting strips and convenient storage, 3400 strips: 8-10/sheet, 50 sheets/pad and instructions. 
2,490,250 đ

Small Wooden Scale

SKU: 912900
This scale is specially designed for young children as an initial introduction to the concepts of weight and balance. Weights are ordered separately (9.124.00).
3,900,000 đ

10 Weights in Wooden Storage Block

SKU: 912400
10 weights for use with the Small Wooden Scale (9.129.00) and other classroom activities.
2,456,000 đ


SKU: 315000
4,837,705 đ

Clock With Movable Hands

SKU: 310000
2,571,000 đ

Vetrovorm: Threading Game

SKU: E522462
1,428,000 đ

Building Blocks: Natural Wood

SKU: E522480
100 blocks in different shapes. Supplied in a cotton bag.
1,071,000 đ

Tactile Box: Materials Set 1

SKU: 324300
- 10 geometric shapes - 10 cards with matching pictures - plastic box (Tactile Box not included)
629,000 đ

Tactile Box

SKU: E522873
1,428,000 đ