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Glue And Paste Box

SKU: 040100
An all-inclusive set for gluing and pasting exercises in the classroom. Includes: a wooden box with six compartments, a glue/paste brush and a glass jar with lid. The lid of the box has a cutout hole that holds the jar upright to avoid spilling the contents.
902,210 đ

Paste Or Glue Brush (20 cm): Per 12

SKU: E040094
41,000 đ

Interglue: White Glue (115 ml)

SKU: E016001
42,000 đ

Interglue: White Glue (1 Liter)

SKU: E016005
233,000 đ

Transparent Glue (1 Liter)

SKU: E081096
117,000 đ

Plakplak: Powder Glue

SKU: E030044
240,000 đ

Lọ đựng keo dán có nắp: 55 cc

SKU: E040110
Một lọ thủy tinh 50 cc với một vít đầu nắp để lưu trữ keo, sơn hoặc dán.
43,000 đ