Montessori Materials

To assist customers in the selecting and buying Montessori materials of Nienhuis in the best way that appropriate for different ages, we have advisory board for customers so that customers can often be provided the useful information about our products, as well as the publication of books, DVDs or other equipment that is suitable to their environment such as in classrooms, in centers or at home ... with the desire to assist customers in the making decisions on Montessori materials correctly.
The origin and the optimal benefits of Montessori materials
From 1907 in San Lorenzo, Dr. Maria Montessori observed that children were intensely attracted to sensory development apparatus. The children used these materials spontaneously, independently, repeatedly and with deep concentration. These materials give children the feeling of discovery, new and exciting to play with them.
"Montessori method is based on the spontaneous activity of the child which is aroused precisely by the interest the child takes in the material."
From this initial discovery, over many years of observation and trial and error, Dr. Montessori and her son Mario, went on to design an entire range of Montessori materials.
In order for the materials to be of optimum benefits they must be presented reasonable, scientific that meets development needs of children at different stages. The materials are displayed in an orderly and accessible way.
"All the apparatus must be meticulously in order, beautiful and shiny, in perfect condition. Nothing must be missing, so that to the child it always seems new, complete and ready for use."
One of the important elements which contributed to the optimal efficiency of the Montessori method is the quality of materials. For children to develop the best senses, the accuracy of the size, color, quality, techniques …of materials will be set on the top. This is one of the elements that AMI(Association Montessori Internationale)recognized technical design of Nienhuis manufacturers in accordance with the standards of Dr. Maria Montessori and authorized Nienhuis manufacturer on the production of Montessori materials over 100 years.