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Pin Flag Stand

SKU: 017400
Used to hold the pin flags while working with The Stars Exercise. Made of a self-healing material.
1,028,905 đ


SKU: 085101
9,413,555 đ

Tellurium Activity Set

SKU: 085201
1,478,555 đ

Planets Of The Solar System

SKU: 077001
Contains 2 sets of full color nomenclature cards. 1 set with separate labels and 1 control set labeled at the bottom and a spiral bound book that contains a complete set for teaching and reference use. Cards are made of plastic for durability. Includes a wooden box for storage.
3,356,505 đ

The Animal Continent Box

SKU: 066501
A first introduction to animal species from each of the 7 continents. Through working with The Animal Continent Box, children are inspired to work with the Puzzle Map Of The World Parts. Set includes: 28 high quality plastic animals, separate continent, picture, and label cards, 1 copy card and instructions, all housed in a nesting beechwood box.
10,815,405 đ

Animals Of The World

SKU: 066601
A complimentary set to The Animal Continent Box. 4 species from each of the 7 continents are pictured and described. Set includes: a wooden box, 28 plastic animal description and picture cards, 7 continent tab cards and a spiral bound control booklet.
3,885,505 đ

The Roman Arch

SKU: 035000
This ingenious representation of a classic design allows the builder to discover the principle of the keystone and its function in the support of an arch. Made from beechwood.
3,462,305 đ

The Nail Board

SKU: 063001
Using The Nail Board, children learn different geometric shapes, angles, fractions and other patterns and how to create them using elastic bands. As they progress through the activity books, they explore more complex, advanced geometric concepts and relationships. Includes: a beechwood box with lid (lid serves as the nail board), elastic bands (red, green, blue and yellow) a mirror, a protractor (transparent plastic), four activity books and instructions.
5,366,705 đ

The Stars Exercise

SKU: 085000
Using The Stars Exercise, children gain an understanding of the universe and become familiar with the star-spangled sky. The Stars Exercise includes the most significant stars and planets. This material is based on the Montessori concept of starting by showing the whole, in this case, the universe. Includes: a map showing the skies of the northern and southern hemispheres, a gold-colored box and a white box with yellow (northern hemisphere) and white (southern hemisphere) flags, a sheet of labels for the flags. On one side is the Latin name, on the other, the name of the constellations, 2 plastic printed circles showing the constellations, used as the control and instructions.
4,626,105 đ

Quantity Splitting Box

SKU: 320000
1,716,605 đ