Our cooperation with AMI

Nienhuis Montessori and AMI

The AMI Materials Committee took over  the task of liaising with Nienhuis. Over the years AMI and Nienhuis, which almost share their “date of birth”, have grown together and both have become household names in the Montessori world. Montessori education has a firm foundation in many countries in the world, with new countries and communities expressing interest and finding their way to AMI and Nienhuis. This global appeal means that Montessori schools, educators and manufacturers led to a large worldwide network.
Today Nienhuis and AMI are working closely together to forge an innovative strategic partnership in order to create new opportunities for children from all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds to experience the Montessori educational approach.


The Study of Childhood — articulating Montessori philosophy and practice clearly in order to meet the needs of children and influence educational paradigms in a rapidly changing world through the support and dissemination of research on the development of children and young people.


Montessori Education for All Children – serving more children around the world by increasing access to AMI training, supporting professional development of Montessori teachers and providing comprehensive support systems for Montessori schools across all sectors.


Montessori Education for Social Change - promoting ‘out of the box’ sustainable initiatives to reach communities in vulnerable and atrisk situations, and additionally to promote the rights of children and young people throughout the world.