South America

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Puzzle Map: South America

SKU: 0176E0
2,759,000 đ

South America Control Map: Labeled

SKU: 554900
557,311 đ

Bộ nhãn dán Nam Mĩ

SKU: 556400
375,256 đ

South America: Outline (50)

SKU: 552900
830,795 đ

Flag Stand Of North And South America

SKU: 0233A0
A wooden flag stand with the national flags of each of the countries.
7,509,155 đ

Flags Of South America

SKU: 076501
Contains 2 sets of full color nomenclature cards. 1 set with separate labels and 1 control set labeled at the bottom and a spiral bound book that contains a complete set for teaching and reference use. Cards are made of plastic for durability. Includes a wooden box for storage. Item Numb
3,885,505 đ

Four Maps Of North America

SKU: 023900
The child explores country names, capital names and national flags with this set of 4 maps. Consists of 3 control maps and 1 working map - a control map for country names, a control map for capital names and a control map for national flags. The working map has holes for pin flags. Included are a set of green pin flags for the country names, a set of red pin flags for the capital names and a set of national flag pins. Self-adhesive name labels for the country and capital pin flags are also included.
4,758,355 đ