Design Montessori at home

Besides applying the Montessori Method at school, the Montessori Method also applies at home. Be acted and learned in Montessori model at home is the great thing for children. In order for support and meet the expectation of parents that wishes to have the favorable Montessori environment at home for their children, we have department in specialized designing, consulting the Montessori environment at home.
If be learned and worked in the Montessori environment at the schools that applying the Montessori Method prepared working skills with everyone for the children, applying the Montessori model at home will bring to children with the independence, development of children’s feelings with everyone in their family and the responsibility with themselves.
In order for have the suitable Montessori environment for children, the parents need to care more motor space for children at home. For the Montessori Method, besides Montessori materials, how to design, layout, arrange, display the materials is very important that will bring to the optimal result for children.
Montessori at home needs to be designed spaces for children’s activity. For the children with 0-3 years and the children with 3-6 years have different in designing. With the children 0-3 years, the design needs to be simple but ensure to attract, stimulate children’s eyes. With the children 3-6 years, the design needs in order aiming to bring to be neat and tidy for children.
Therefore, we are always ready to support the parents in order to create the Montessori environment at home with different spaces that are designed to apply Montessori reasonable, favorable for the children acts.