Design Montessori environment

The Montessori Method is the method that accepts the unique of a child and allows children to develop on their ability and time. Therefore, organizing and designing schools, classrooms and gardens under  the Montessori model ensures to respect specificity of a child and layout reasonably with the needs and purposes of the children. Therefore, in order for support individuals and organizations have the needs on standardized Montessori model and promote maximum working ability’s children, we have staffs in specialized consulting, designing the Montessori environment for centers, schools, classrooms or gardens…The design have to ensure to create the learning environment that have many choices for the children.
For schools, the design seems to be general with specific spaces. All things will be arranged reasonably with the materials or things that represent the certain meanings so that the children can feel themselves to act and work in real world.
In the Montessori environment at class, the design seems to be more specific and detail. The space of children with 0-3 years and children with 3-6 years are different such as the classroom for the children with 0-3 years need to have airy space, apparatus suits for children’s age, materials have harmony color and they are arranged neatly in order to support children’s activities. For the classroom of children 3-6 years, the design required more closely than the classroom of children 0-3 years.
The Montessori schools/classrooms ensure to have the development fields for the children. For outdoor as garden/ yard…, the design need to care about open space. Outdoor is designed to meet the purposes of activities of the children and build real working space in order to support the children to work. For mixed outdoor, the design ensures to secure and always attract discovery activities of the children.
In order for have the standardized Montessori environment/classroom/workplace simply, it requires experienced designing staffs who worked in the Montessori environment as well as having solutions to apply the Montessori Method reasonably with the real scale.
We are always ready to listen and consult customers with the useful information in designing the Montessori environment in order to create the standardized Montessori environment and brings the best things to Vietnamese children.