In order for create the perfect and standardized Montessori environment, besides Montessori materials, other equipment as furniture is very important that we care about. Educational equipment is products such as table, chair, shelf, bed…
The standardized Montessori environment has diversified the equipment that is produced by nature materials and suitable for children. When the children live and work in the environment, they can feel everything through children’s eyes. When children were born with the weak body, everything is new and inceptive. Therefore, it is not easy to build the scientific learning and living environment for them.
With the expectation of developing Montessori as well as the children are approached and used the Montessori materials and at the same time, to create advantageous conditions for parents who need to equip things in the Montessori environment, we provide, consult and design the furniture with Montessori materials aiming to share the difficulties in searching Montessori materials and the furniture of the parents… and bring to Vietnamese children with the best things.